Welcome to Ngwe Saung!

Enjoy your days at the endless silver coloured beach of Ngwe Saung. Swim in clear waters, rent a tube, ride a banana boat or just chill out.

When you are interested in Myanmar's life and culture around Ngwe Saung, go and explore it. Stroll around the town. You will be thrilled! 

Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do - contact as, we can arrange easily:

  •   Bicycle, motobike and car rental
  •   Snorkeling / Fishing @ Bird Island
  •   Day trip to Chaungtha Beach
  •   Elephant Camp
  •   Pathein Seightseeing
  •   Sinma Fisherman Village Trips
  •   Diving @ Ngwe Saung's Islands
  •   Trip to Snake Island & 3 Pagoda

Interested in traveling around Myanmar?

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